Les Intemporelles

Evoking the spirit of Women, this collection represents a multitude of poetic stories through the excellence of the know-how of the Atelier Mariusse & Bonnet. All sublimated by the presence of the most coveted stone, the diamond, these rings gently blend the original codes of the art of French jewellery.

Claire, Agnès, Audrey, Mathilde or Massaï, each of these exceptional rings with their unique style is a source of refinement. A praise to femininity between strength and fragility. Imagined, but also made in our workshop, the rings of the “Les Intemporelles” collection are pieces that highlight the singularity of each woman. A partner in life, the pieces of this collection, embellished with the most beautiful diamonds, will elegantly and perfectly fit its owner’s finger and will tell, in its own way, a new feminine adventure.

bague mariusse et bonnet massai hover


bague mariusse et bonnet audrey


bague mariusse bonnet claire
bague mariusse bonnet claire black


mariusse bonnet bague mathilde
mariusse bonnet bague mathilde black


mariusse bonnet bague agnes
mariusse bonnet bague agnes black


bague mariusse bonnet tutty frutty
bague mariusse bonnet tutty frutty black

Tutty Frutty

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