Fascinated by the stars and the Milky Way, Christophe Mariusse and Philip Bonnet wished to create an original collection of fine jewellery inspired by astronomy. Thus, after a few drawings, the Apogee Collection was born and transports them to a distant world covered in mystery. From the Greek word apogeios, the name of this collection, entirely made in France, in Valence, means “far from the earth”, a term full of poetry and open to the universe of possibilities.
Like an invitation to a stellar journey, the jewels in this collection offer many manufacturing secrets. With straight, diamond-paved lines, the jewellery designs resemble shooting stars and bewitching galaxies created by the precise craftsmanship of the two co-founders of the Atelier.
Luminous and sophisticated, these jewels bring a new symbolism to the Mariusse & Bonnet Haute Joaillerie creations. Set with precious stones and mounted in 18-carat gold, these pieces evoke strength, contemporary spirit and invite to discover the confines of the cosmos.

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