Few pièces


mariusse bonnet boucles d'oreilles perles des mers du sud


An ode to the maritime world, the earrings in this collection highlight the strength and beauty of the South Seas.



Buru earrings – 5.85gr

2 gold pearls 9-10mm

0.25 carats of GVS diamonds

Palladium white gold 750/1000°


All Mariusse & Bonnet creations are delivered with a digital certificate allowing you to discover all the steps of the manufacturing of their jewelry, to view their GIA certificate and to have a direct line with the Workshop in case of special request. This certificate is a dematerialized strongbox in the form of a unique and secure QR-Code.

Contact us at contact@mariusse-bonnet.com to find out the price of this pair of earrings.

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