Agnes, the power of the yellow color

Agnes, the power of the yellow color

Agnes, the power of the yellow color


As part of the Les Intemporelles Collection, this unique and exquisite creation symbolises both the poetic and feminine nature of French jewellery making. As a tribute to the wife of one of the two creators of the Atelier, the Agnès ring was designed to reflect her personality, her taste and her affection for jewellery. Each creation in this High Jewellery collection is of particular importance to the two designers, as a subtle, yet meaningful, celebration of the lives of women who played an important role in their personal and professional lives.

Imagined in the early days of the Atelier, just after the Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter creations, the jewellery pieces in the Les Intemporelles Collection are all paved with diamonds. They capture the importance, strength and brilliance of women with different destinies, but who are nevertheless connected through jewellery craftsmanship.


With delicate and subtle intertwining crafted by the expert hands of Christophe Mariusse, co-founder and head of the workshop, the Agnès ring reveals two treasures. Like a poetic journey into the world of French Jewellery, this ring first highlights a magnificent natural yellow Zircon. Rarely used in Haute Joaillerie, this powerful and radiant colour brings a touch of warmth, but also energy to the design of this creation. In addition to its unique shape, this piece is also the only one in the entire collection to feature a yellow stone, a vivid colour and symbol of joy. With 4.61 carats, this Zircon from the silicate group was carefully selected by Philip Bonnet, jeweller, gem expert and co-founder of the Atelier. All the stones set in Mariusse & Bonnet jewellery are, in accordance with the Atelier’s core values, certified to be clearly traceable and of excellent quality and intense colour.

In addition to the natural zircon delicately placed in the centre of the creation, the Agnès ring is also adorned with diamonds. Set with 3.73 carats of FVVS diamonds, this High Jewellery creation is breathtaking in its brilliance and infinite reflections. It was designed as a luxurious, nature-inspired, feminine diamond ensemble, in which all the diamonds are Marquise-cut. A unique technique and shape, bearing the Atelier’s signature, while respecting the codes of French Haute Joaillerie, for the greatest pleasure of lovers of this priceless savoir-faire.


The Agnes Haute Joaillerie creation is the perfect blend of Christophe Mariusse’s and Philip Bonnet’s ingenuity, thought up and crafted by the two men.  While one is more inspired by nature, mainly flora, the other is more sensitive to graphic and contemporary lines. After a few sketches on a piece of paper, this creation, with its delicate yellow tones, starts to come to life. As soon as the design, the shape of the stones and the general idea of the piece have been validated, the ring can begin its long and fabulous creative process at the Atelier. Jewellery-making, setting, polishing, all the steps required to create this unique piece are carried out in-house by a team of passionate craftsmen and women under the expert eye of Christophe Mariusse, head of the Atelier.

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