Sines, elegance in the hollow of your ears


Inspired by the delicate, sparkling lines of crystal, the “Sines” earrings bring a feminine, elegant world to the Les Crystallines Collection. Like sparkling diamonds, this collection is luminous, ready to reflect the most beautiful adventures of its owner. A timeless companion, the jewels in this collection are designed and made by a team of jewellers in Valence, in the Drôme (26) region of France, in line with an ethical and ecological approach. In addition to their creative history, these pieces of jewellery are all crafted according to the rules of French jewellery-making. They are also set with top-quality stones of impeccable traceability.

Delicately floral, these Valence creations called ‘Sines‘ are like precious foliage designed to subtly dress the ears of their owner. A natural world that blends poetically with the mineral aspect of diamonds and a design with creative, striking and modern features.


As beautiful to look at as they are to wear, the Sines earrings are ideal as a gift for a loved one. Modern and feminine, these creations amaze in many ways. First and foremost, their brilliance. With 0.50 carats of GVS diamonds, they perfectly reflect the light and shine with a thousand sparkles. These irresistibly sparkling jewels add a touch of elegance to outfits ranging from the simplest to the most sophisticated. Its weight of 4.20 g is also an important technical feature. Comfortable and stable, these earrings have an ALPA-type clasp system to make them comfortable to wear in all circumstances.

Customisable with stones or gold colours, the original model of this creation in 18-carat white gold adds a cooler dimension to bring out the fascinating world of crystal. A world linked by the transparency and quality of the glass, and the expertise of its craftsmen. A field very close to French Haute Joaillerie.


Smaller than some of Atelier Mariusse & Bonnet’s rings, the “Sines” earrings are no less technical. It takes many months from the design stage to the final setting in the jewellery box. In order to offer our customers the finest jewellery, the Atelier designs and manufactures all of these jewels from A to Z, with the utmost respect for the products and exemplary quality control.
Once the design has been approved, the creation continues its journey in the hands of the Atelier’s 3D designer. After resin printing, these jewellery pieces in the making are cast, then passed through the hands of each of the workshop’s trades: jewellery making, setting, engraving and polishing. It’s a long and technical manufacturing process, carried out entirely in France, in Valence (Drôme). An independent workshop, these earrings reflect the brilliance of Mariusse & Bonnet’s jewellery-making expertise, offering lovers of French craftsmanship precious, timeless and exceptional jewellery.

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