Spring, a tribute to reawakening

Spring, a tribute to reawakening

Spring, a tribute to reawakening


Inspired by a beautiful sunny spring day, the Spring Ring is the first item in the “Four Seasons” Collection. With a clear vision of creating a ring for each season of the year, the two designers immediately imagined the ring they wished to craft, then Christophe, as he is particularly fond of floral motifs, designed it. Like a young shoot reaching towards a fresh and verdant universe, Philip and Christophe immediately thought of the emerald to represent the beautiful green colour that is synonymous with nature, reawakening and the return of beautiful weather.

With its extremely fragile precious stones, the Spring ring is the only creation, in all the Mariusse & Bonnet collections, to feature emeralds. A subtle reminder of this delicate season between the last snow and the first warmth of spring. As fragile as a bud emerging under the April sun, this piece of jewellery takes on a new dimension in the expert hands of the jewellers and delivers the most powerful message to lovers of fine jewellery, that of hope.


The emeralds come into their own when set around the emblematic stone of the Atelier Mariusse & Bonnet, the diamond, and enhance this piece of High Jewellery with its finely balanced colours. The 18-carat yellow gold ring, with 0.90 carat of FVVS diamonds and 2.10 carats of emeralds, is one of a kind in the world and will never be reproduced, a feature that makes this creation even more precious. Each and every gem set on the ring has been carefully hand-picked, over many months, by Philip Bonnet to ensure perfect quality and colouring. With more than 15 marquise-cut emeralds, this piece of jewellery is a work of art exclusively crafted by Christophe and Philip, both talented jewellers for over 25 years. With its round, top-facing design and chic interior, the ring is both easy to wear and magnificent on the hand.


The design and the imagination of the artistic lines didn’t present the creators with many doubts. They knew exactly what they wanted to convey in this ring: freshness, beauty and regeneration. With these strong ideas in mind, Christophe quickly drew up the design with a pencil before launching the production at the Atelier. A unique and quite complex creation, it was first made manually with wax. This life-size and extremely precise model allowed the two cousins to determine the shape, size and different settings of the ring. The wax model technique, which is less and less used in the world of fine jewellery, is long and difficult, but nevertheless a guarantee of invaluable and time-honoured jewellery know-how. Each step of the handcrafting process, melting, setting, polishing, of the Spring ring is carried out in the Drôme and then checked by Christophe and Philip in order to craft an exceptional and colourful piece of jewellery. With its green and golden hues, the Spring ring is a beautiful way to bring a touch of colour to the hand of its lucky owner. In keeping with its favourite season, this High Jewellery creation introduces the “Four Seasons” Collection with enthusiasm, joy and splendour.


To learn more about the Spring ring, visit the Spring page. If you have any questions about our creations, our workshop or if you would like to meet us, please contact us at contact@mariusse-bonnet.com .

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