Summer, an ode to summer hues

Summer, an ode to summer hues

Summer, an ode to summer hues


After imagining the Winter and Spring rings, Christophe Mariusse and Philip Bonnet were inspired to continue their unique and jewelled representation of the Four Seasons. With plenty of ideas and vivid colours in mind, the pair wished to highlight coloured sapphires in their Summer ring by using warm shades as the ideal representation of the summer season.

Inspired by a sunset on the beach and the sound of the waves, the jewellers began by designing the curvaceous lines to bring their Haute Joaillerie piece to life. Blending Philip’s signature graphic lines with Christophe’s more nature-inspired style, the ring was created in 2018. With its shimmering and resolutely sunny colours, this artfully crafted collaboration is a wonderful evocation of summer and its colour palette of yellow, orange and red.


Just as sophisticated as the other Mariusse & Bonnet Haute Joaillerie creations, the Summer ring is distinguished by its two red sapphires. With 2.12 carats of this coloured gemstone, meticulously selected and analysed by Philip Bonnet, the creation shimmers between many colours. Its exclusive design brings it a touch of charm, refinement and poetry. The ring, which is 100% French, is exquisitely handcrafted at the Atelier and is also set with 0.66 carats of FVVS diamonds. This is a beautiful and luminous way of highlighting the many stones in the creation as well as its intricate curves. With as much detail on the underside as on the visible side, this Haute Joaillerie piece highlights the Atelier’s ancestral know-how. Created in Christophe’s expert and dedicated hands, this magnificent 18-carat white gold ring offers the Four Seasons collection a new universe, one of warmth that is synonymous with the beautiful summer days so reassuring and conducive to recharging the spirits.


When crafting a piece of jewellery, inspiration is key. It is thanks to an idea, a memory, a smell or even a distant taste, that a creation first comes to life in the imagination of its creators. For the Summer ring, the two cousins and jewellery enthusiasts wanted to highlight the colours of the sunset and the shape of the waves, two inseparable elements of the golden summer season. After having defined this vision, Christophe first sketched out the design with his pencil. This was the first step towards ensuring the viability of the project. Thanks to this, the jewellers then decided to initiate the actual creation of their third work of art, the Summer ring.

While the wax model was being created by Christophe, head of the Mariusse & Bonnet workshop, Philip was able to carefully select, obtain and examine the many coloured sapphires that would adorn the creation in the following days. After many hours of work combining precision, strength, design modification and the satisfaction of seeing the finished piece, the ring could at last be polished. This phase is both important and emotional for the two men, as it is at this point that a Haute Joaillerie creation reveals its potential and its timeless beauty. This is the ultimate step in the creation process as it is also when the piece of jewellery undergoes a final check to ensure that it is perfect and unique. Finally, the creative process comes to an end so that the piece of jewellery can continue to live on in the hands of its lucky owner.


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