Tylan Brun, delicate and modern


One of Atelier Mariusse & Bonnet’s latest creations, the Tylan Brun ring was designed by Christophe Mariusse in 2021. With this ring, the two co-founders and jewellers sought to give a new, even more feminine, precious and unconventional twist to the Tylan ring, created a few years ago, in 2020. This creative and dual approach was very important to both men. They saw it as a challenge to bring a new dimension to the ring, without changing the original design of the piece.

After spending some time researching together, the cousins, guided by Philip Bonnet’s experience in gemmology, naturally gravitated towards brown diamonds, which are little known in the Haute Joaillerie sector, surprising as that may be! These stones of exceptional quality and deep colour plunge the French creation into another dimension. Beautifully complemented by the Rose Gold coloured metal, this ring is different from its basic model yet retains the original power and delicacy of the design.


With the same weight as its sister ring Tylan, set with 0.44 carat of GVS diamonds, the Tylan Brun creation weighs 4 grams, which means it can be worn effortlessly and comfortably every day. Made of 18-carat rose gold, this colour lends a more feminine touch to the creation, but also a contemporary twist. The choice of the ring’s colour was essential to bring out the hue of the diamonds chosen by Christophe Mariusse and Philip Bonnet.

Less red, paler, darker? In the independent workshop, the alloy is bespoke and can easily meet the specific criteria of the two jewellers. Paved with 0.30 carat of brown diamonds, these gems warm up the jewellery piece with an intense champagne colour. The brown tones of this colourful design are enhanced by the 0.12 carats of FVVS diamonds. They reflect the light perfectly and light up the brown diamonds magnificently to become the stars of this French Haute Joaillerie creation.


Smaller in size than the other Atelier Mariusse & Bonnet creations, but just as precious, the Tylan Brun creation was also made at the Atelier. By using the graphic codes and design features of the original ring named Tylan, the manufacturing phase for this ring was slightly shorter. However, with a desire to use different diamonds from those that are widely available in the Haute Joaillerie market, the jewellers used their skills in finding and selecting stones to source brown diamonds worthy of their Haute Joaillerie piece. As soon as the brown gems were found, the ring went into production, much to the delight of the Atelier’s founders, who were eager to finally create this new pink-hued jewel.

In choosing a combination of traditional and brown diamonds, Philip and Christophe made a bold choice to surprise the world of Haute Joaillerie by working with a lesser-known stone, and their gamble paid off. Casting, jewellery making, setting and polishing, the ring went through all the different creative phases, all of which were carried out in France, in Valence, in the Drôme. This is an essential feature of Mariusse & Bonnet jewellery. Following the long manufacturing process, estimated at between 10 and 15 days for a piece of this size, the Tylan Brun piece is then thoroughly and rigorously checked by Christophe Mariusse, head of the workshop. The setting, bezel and finishing touches; nothing is left to chance so that a flawless, feminine ring can be produced, that is as beautiful from above as from below, the hallmark of the Atelier.

To learn more about the Tylan Brun ring, go to the Tylan Brun page or contact us at contact@mariusse-bonnet.com. If you are interested in another piece of jewellery paved with brown diamonds take a look at the Claire Brun ring, the Lanys Brun necklace and the Linea Brun bracelet. Our entire workshop is at your disposal to advise and assist you.

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