Winter, a tribute to an enchanting season

Winter, a tribute to an enchanting season

The Winter ring, a tribute to an enchanting season


This creation, imagined by Christophe Mariusse and Philip Bonnet, started to take shape in June 2018 with the design of the Four Seasons collection. The fourth and last ring in this now emblematic collection, the Winter creation needed to be captivating and mysterious in order to bring the two cousins’ inaugural collection to a fitting close.

Both men are extremely creative and passionate about nature, and were inspired by the most beautiful phenomenon of this festive season… snow. White, pure and precious, the two jewellers decided to create their own white gold with diamonds and embellish it with intense blue sapphires. While one is fascinated by gemstones, the other is just as inspired by fauna and flora, this “Haute Joaillerie” creation elegantly highlights their respective inspirations, but also the authentic know-how of the workshop, combining modernity, technique and passion.


Extremely precious with its three carats of FVVS diamonds and two carats of enchanting blue sapphires, this ring is a unique creation. Embellished using 750/1000° Palladium Grey Gold and entirely made in the Drôme, this piece of jewellery is exclusively handcrafted by the artisans of the Atelier Mariusse & Bonnet in France. The ethereal and striking ring has been designed to fit comfortably between the fingers and delicately adorns its owner’s hand.

The stones present on this piece of luxury jewellery are chosen personally by Philip Bonnet, in order to ensure high quality stones with the finest characteristics. The piece, which is fully certified with the international GIA label ensuring a trustworthy provenance, is perfect for gemstone lovers. With their different shapes, mainly marquise and cushion cuts, the gems set on the Winter ring come to life and seem to cover the creation like a thin layer of airy, immaculate snow.


After many hours of freehand sketches and then being turned it into a 3D model, the Winter ring can finally begin its metamorphosis. First melted down, then delicately shaped by the expert and precise hands of Christophe Mariusse, the entire process is carried out in Valence, directly in the workshop. It is a pledge of quality and transparency, but also the flawless attention to detail in the transformation of this exceptional jewellery piece, from the first touch of the file to its final presentation in a jewellery box. Over the course of each day and the various stages of production, the jewel comes to life and looks more and more like the designs imagined a few weeks earlier by the two creators. After more than 30 hours of work, the stones are added one by one, combining strength and delicacy and finally revealing all the magic of the jeweller’s know-how. However, there is still one more step before the ring’s final inspection, the polishing. Of equal importance and attention to detail, this crucial moment is necessary to ensure the shine and final brilliance of the ring. Like a work of art, the last essential brushstrokes enhance the ring and illuminate it. Christophe Mariusse gives it one final expert look and the creation is complete, the Winter ring is ready and awaits only its destiny.

To learn more about this exceptional ring with its winter tones, please visit the Winter page.

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