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Agnes, the power of the yellow color

Agnes, the power of the yellow colorHISTORY As part of the Les Intemporelles Collection, this unique and exquisite creation symbolises both the poetic and feminine nature of French jewellery making. As a tribute to the wife of one of the two creators of the Atelier, the Agnès ring was designed to reflect her personality, her…

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The interview : Sabrina – 3D Designer

The interview : Sabrina - 3D DesignerHELLO SABRINA, COULD YOU TELL US A BIT ABOUT YOURSELF? Hello, my name is Sabrina Guéret and I’m a 3D designer at the Mariusse & Bonnet workshop. I had traditional training and got my CAP and BMA (Certificate of Professional Competence and National Diploma) in « the art of jewellery…

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Emerald, a color that has never been equalled

Emerald, a color that has never been equalledIT’S ORIGIN Both mysterious and charming, the etymology of the word Emerald remains uncertain. For some, the literary name comes from an Indian language, Sanskrit, and for others from Persian, but all the roots of this precious stone seem to point towards one meaning: "heart of stone". The…

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Autumn, a ring of a thousand shades

Autumn, a ring of a thousand shadesHISTORY The Autumn ring, which is the third in the Four Seasons Collection, was first imagined in 2018 by Philip Bonnet and Christophe Mariusse, cousins and co-founders of the Atelier. Both of them are fascinated by Nature, and through its design and colours, the Autumn ring needed to represent…

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Audrey, a contemporary spirit

Audrey, a contemporary spiritHistory Both a name and a personality. The creations of the "Les Intemporelles" Collection are inspired by femininity and are a homage to the women who have played an instrumental role in the lives of the designers and the Atelier. For the Audrey ring, it is Philip Bonnet's wife who is in…

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2020 to 2021, what is the future for Haute Joaillerie ?

2020 to 2021, what is the future for Haute Joaillerie ?2020 was challenging With the global Covid-19 pandemic, the Jewellery and "Haute Joaillerie" sector has been the hardest hit in the Luxury Goods market. With a 23% drop in activity for the French Luxury Goods market in 2020 compared to 2019, shops closed, trade fairs…

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